What are HDMI Cables?

HDMI stands for “High-Definition Multimedia Interface“. A HDMI cable allows you to connect some kind of transmitter to some kind of receiver. In practice, you might connect your computer to a monitor or a project; or you might need one to connect your Blu-ray player to your television.

Many computers have a HDMI port as their primary or only video output, and the HDMI cable is rapidly replacing the older VGA and DVI technologies. Users of modern laptops that travel may find they need to carry around a number of adaptors in order to connect to older projectors and monitors.

There are 5 main types of HDMI connector, each a a different size, and each satisfying a different requirement. If you are buying a cable it is important to get the correct type. The equipment you wish to connect should indicate which type of cable is required. The main types of connector are:

  • Type A – 19 Pins. Male dimensions are 13.9mm x 4.45mm and female dimensions 14mm x 4.55mm;
    Type B – 29 pins. Dimensions are 21.2mm x 4.45mm;
  • Type C – The Mini HDMI Connector. 19 Pins but smaller than Type A at 10.42mm x 2.42mm;
  • Type D – The Micro HDMI Connector. 19 Pins but smaller again than Type A and C at 6.4mm x 2.8mm;
  • Type E – The Automotive Connection System has a locking tab to keep the cable from vibrating loose and a shell to help prevent moisture and dirt from interfering with the signals. A relay connector is available for connecting standard consumer cables to the automotive type.